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Liquid Gardens Cholla Wood

Liquid Gardens Cholla Wood

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Natural Benefits for your Aquarium Inhabitants

  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Natural Shelter
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

 Cholla wood is a popular botanical addition to freshwater aquariums. It's recognized for its unique hollow cylindrical structure with a network of holes.


Why Use Cholla Wood in Your Freshwater Aquarium?

Natural Shelter and Hiding Place: The hollow nature of cholla wood offers an excellent hiding place for small fish, shrimp, and other invertebrates. Providing hiding spaces helps reduce stress.

Surface for Biofilm Growth: Cholla wood serves as a substrate for biofilm growth. Biofilm is a collection of microorganisms, including beneficial bacteria, that grow on submerged surfaces. Many aquatic creatures, especially shrimp, graze on this biofilm, making cholla wood a natural feeding station.

Surface for Plant Attachment: Aquatic plants like mosses, ferns, and anubias can be easily anchored onto cholla wood, making it a natural decoration that can be incorporated into planted tanks.

Release of Tannins: Like other botanicals, cholla wood can release tannins into the water, imparting a slight tea-like color. While not as pronounced as with Catappa leaves or alder cones, these tannins are believed to offer a mild anti-fungal and antibacterial property and help mimic natural environments.

Aesthetic Appeal: Cholla wood's unique appearance adds a distinct natural look to an aquarium, which can be visually appealing and give the aquarium a more authentic biotope feeling.

Note: Fresh cholla wood may float until it's fully waterlogged. Over time, cholla wood will break down and decompose in the water. While this is natural and can be beneficial, it also means that the wood will need to be replaced periodically

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